5 Ways Taylor Lautner Should Relax His Muscles

taylor lautnerFYI: Taylor Lautner is the hardest-working man in Hollywood. Really, it's true. And I'm not just talking about the kajillions of crunches he has to do to keep those washboard abs ... well, like a washboard. In a new interview with VMAN, Lautner opens up about his work ethic, and let me tell you: The guy is so dedicated, he doesn't even know how to relax anymore!

Seriously. Says Jacob Lautner, "When I am traveling the world promoting the films, I say I am on vacation, but it's not really true, I guess. When I go to a beautiful city, I spend the whole time in a hotel room and then I'm back on a plane to the next place."



It gets worse:

"If I'm not filming, I'm promoting, and if it wasn't Twilight, it was a different movie, so it got really busy. I hang out with my friends, family, and kind of just -- I don't even know. It's like, when I am not filming, it seems like -- I don't even know what I do."


Poor Taylor. But it's going to be okay, I promise! Because I've got a few ideas for what you should be doing when you're not filming. You know, nothing work-related, just some relaxing options for passing the time when you're off the set. By the way, it is completely coincidental that all of these suggestions involve you looking really hot. In no way did such a selfish consideration come into play when I was thinking of ways for you to have a little chill time.

That said, perhaps you should consider tweeting pics of yourself engaged in these activities, so you can ... um ... inspire fans to do the same. Sound good? We have a deal then?

  1. Get a (naked) massage. No doubt that back of yours is all kinds of tight, what with the working out and the fight scenes and the angry chest-heaving. Trust me, you'll feel much better after a good rubdown. Without clothes.
  2. Read a good book. Something not by Stephenie Meyer, just for a change of pace. Actually, you can read whatever the hell you want as long as you do it lounging on a library table wearing glasses and a robe with tassels. Classy!
  3. Do yoga. Make that Bikram, or "hot" yoga, the one where they crank the heat up so high that you can't help but get really sweaty ... naturally, it would be waaaaay too uncomfortable to leave your shirt on.
  4. Take up gardening. Heavy-duty gardening, which will require you to use a big manly shovel and grunt like an animal while moving mounds of earth. Naturally, it would be waaaaay too uncomfortable to leave your shirt on.
  5. Dabble in cooking. How very calming, the act of preparing a lovely meal for me that special someone. Oh, and can I tell you a secret? You with no shirt? Hot. You with no shirt AND an apron? Hotter.

What do you think Taylor Lautner should do to relax?


Image via VMAN

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