Lindsay Lohan’s New Billy Joel Tattoo Will Last Past Her Prime

lindsay lohanAnother day, another Lindsay Lohan story. This time the actress isn't partying with Paris Hilton nor puffing up her face for Kim Kardashian's wedding, no no. This time Linds went down to her neighborhood tattoo parlor and done got herself some permanent ink stabbed into her skin on her right-side ribcage. The 25-year-old actress isn't new to the tat game -- she's got a Marilyn Monroe quote, a heart, the word "shh," the word "breathe," and the phrase "la vita bella" on various parts of her body -- but her latest one is a doozy. It's large and in charge. And it references Billy Joel.

Sexy, huh? Here's what her tat says:


Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife, I feel like I'm in the prime of my life.

Now for a second there, when I read "clear," I had a slight heart attack. But in a good way. I thought for a nanosecond that her tattoo was going to read, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" -- only the greatest phrase to come out of the greatest TV show of all time, Friday Night Lights. I was ready to brand Lindsay a genius whose star is on the rise. Now? Eh.

So the lyrics are from Billy Joel's 1989 song "I Go to Extremes," which is a rad song. The title might have more aptly suited Lindsay's lifestyle, but I like that she went with the clear lyrics. It's both sweet, uplifting, and not just a little bit clever.

According to her new permanent tattoo, Lindsay will always be in the prime of her life. Not just at 25, but at 45 and 75, too. No one has ever accused her of being subtle or understated, so this phrase agrees with her. May she always feel like she's clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife.

And when she's done feeling like that, she can heed the other quotes on her body, these from Marilyn Monroe: "I restore myself when I'm alone" and "Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle."

Stars, crystals, shh, breathing ... Lindsay can stay busy just keeping up with her tattooed mantras.

What do you think of Lindsay's latest tattoo?

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