Kate Gosselin Is Staying on TV After All!

kate gosselin If you've been on pins and needles wondering what Kate Gosselin is going to do with her life now that Kate Plus 8 has been cancelled, this is for you! Word has it the reality TV star has been offered a spot on the CBS show The Talk. Or a temporary spot, at least.

Yup, The Talk is going to be sounding a lot different this fall (season premiere is set for September 6). Neither Leah Remini nor Holly Robinson Peete had their contracts renewed, and Kris Jenner will be filling in while Sharon Osbourne is on vacation.

Somebody pinch me, because my morning talk show dreams just came true.


Imagine if The Talk kept both Kate and Kris on board?? Kate Gosselin, Kris Jenner, and Sharon Osbourne all on the same set?? TALK SHOW GOLD, people.

Can't you just picture it now? Every now and then they could have Kathie Lee and Hoda on as guest hosts, and everybody could get smashed on Chardonnay! Such a festive time would be had by all, I really think it will be a crying shame if this doesn't happen for real.

Do you think Kate Gosselin would make an awesome host on The Talk?


Image via Splash

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