Jennifer Lopez Desperately Needs an Intervention

jennifer lopez on set of what to expect when you're expectingWatch out. It seems a catfight has been waged between What to Expect When You're Expecting co-stars Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. A source recently dished to U.K. celebrity tabloid Now (in other words, take this for what it's worth) that Diaz is fed up with JLo's diva antics on the Atlanta, Georgia set. She “even said that Jen should stick to her day job, meaning American Idol and singing" (ouch, burn!) and that JLo gives movie stars a bad name. The root of the trouble seems to be La Lopez's tendency to make everyone work around her nitpicky schedule.

The source explained, "At 10:15 a.m., on the dot, she stops work and has an assistant run over to her with a small protein and veg-based meal." Bhahah! Damn. I wish someone would do that for me.

But no, in all seriousness, sounds like a problem. Working on a film is grueling and time-consuming enough without having to deal with that kind of mishigas.


I will give JLo one thing: Apparently, she takes mini-breaks to spend time with her twins, Emme and Max, and that's totally understandable. But this halt-everything-so-I-can-get-my-snack-on biz is BS.

The truth is, and this is probably news to JLo, but it sounds like there are a couple of things she's needed to hear for a while: 1. The world doesn't revolve around her. If she's gonna have all these daily diva requirements, she's gotta figure out how to sneak 'em in without screwing up everyone else's work! And 2. She usually sucks as an actress (the woman definitely has had way more bombs than hits) and pretty much sucks as a fashion designer (tacky faux fur jackets make me gag). That's why Cameron's reported comment about JLo reconsidering sticking to her "day job" really isn't that off.

Being all back-handed and snarky about it isn't going to help, that's for sure, but I definitely sympathize with Cameron. She's just as big a star as JLo, so it definitely would be refreshing to see her call the diva out on her antics. Seems like something that's been a long time coming, and if someone's gotta do it, might as well be Cameron!

Are you on Team JLo or Team Cameron and why?


Image via Jackson Lee/Ahmad Elatab/Splash News

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