Matthew Fox Victim Is Making It Hard to Feel Sorry for Her

matthew foxFans of Lost and hot guys in general had their hearts broken yesterday when Matthew Fox pulled the ultimate d-bag move and punched a lady bus driver in her crotch and in her breast. As you may have heard, the altercation took place because she wouldn't let him on the party bus she was conductor of. As you may not have heard, the actor reportedly "smelled like a liquor cabinet."

Attractive, huh? It's kind of hard to ever look at Matthew in the same light again. But you know what? This bus driver is really starting to piss me off.


Yes, I feel bad for her that she was struck by a dude, but the woman won't shut up. Every time I head on over to TMZ, which is ... totally not often, it seems like there's a new interview with this lady. In other words, she's milking. 

The first interview I read with her, she said Fox "leaned in and started punching my crotch and breast." Now, a day and a ton of hype later, this is what she's saying: "He just stepped in for a right hook to my pelvis area and started wailing on me like I was a man."

Look, by NO means am I sticking up for Fox and what he did -- it was totally out of line, and trust me, he's been snipped from my celeb crush list -- but Heather (the bus driver) needs to just press charges (which she's doing), collect her money if she gets any, and take a nice, long, well-deserved vacation. She's on a media tour right now! I mean, she was right to talk to the tabloids in the first place -- the world should know what a loser he is -- but enough is enough. She's bordering on fame-whore now. And nobody likes that.

What do you think about this?


Image via ewen and donabel/Flickr

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