Solange Knowles Racism Controversy Is Bananas

If you were too busy being distracted by Beyonce's pregnancy announcement this weekend to notice what was going on with another member of the Knowles family, let me just break it down for you: Beyonce's sister, Solange, was engaged in an epic battle against police brutality and racism.

While some people may have been willing to accept the sort of discrimination Solange faced when she attempted to enter a Miami Beach club on Sunday night, Ms. Knowles valiantly stood up for her rights—and has since launched a guerrilla campaign of awareness via Twitter.

Like so many heartbreaking stories of discrimination throughout history, this disturbing tale of police misconduct revolves around a giant inflatable banana.


It all started when a police officer refused to allow Solange to enter a popular South Beach club—because the singer/DJ was in possession of a "5-foot-tall inflatable banana." It's unclear how this banana was threatening the safety of Miami citizens (perhaps there was concern over the danger of people slipping on a comically oversized peel?), but a police department spokesman claims that once Knowles was denied entrance by the bouncer, she became abusive and was escorted across the street to continue the conversation.

Knowles, however, has a very different story to tell, and she shared her side of things in a series of tweets:

I have literally had my last leg with discriminating police! Miami police department will be notified. A police officer just pulled a weapon on me.... I have done NOTHING illegal, against the law, or anything of the sort.

According to Knowles' rep, the weapon was a switchblade, which the officer threatened to use in order to deflate the banana while telling Knowles and her two friends, "I don't find the humor in this anymore."

Exactly. What could possibly be funny about this story? Frankly, I'm disgusted to think we may be living in a nation where a black woman's right to bring an enormous banana-shaped balloon into a nightclub is compromised, and that her subsequent outrage hasn't been treated with the honor and respect it deserves.

Don't worry, though, Solange isn't giving up the fight any time soon. She writes:

I’m only tweeting this to raise awareness. I could have left quietly, but I am sick & tired of this scenario being played over & over again. It is time to do something about it. I am a mother raising a young black child in America. I’m going to die trying!

What do you think about Solange's police altercation?

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