Justin Bieber as ‘Punk’d’ Host Isn’t Even Funny

justin bieberEveryone get out your trucker hats and tight white t-shirts: MTV's Punk'd is coming back on the air. After being canceled in 2007 because host Ashton Kutcher ran out of celebrities to pull pranks on, MTV has decided to breathe new, unnecessary life into the show. Rumors have it that it will come back on air in the next few months with Justin "Prank Master" Bieber as the host.

I can see it now ...


Bieber off-site in an 18-wheeled trailer, headset on, obsessively staring at each monitor, just waiting to see Selena's face when she discovers her car isn't where she (gasp!) parked it.

I do not care about Justin's past as a so-called prankster. Locking a producer in a closet isn't exactly a stealthy practical joke. It's not yet been confirmed whether Bieber will host the entire new series or just a few episodes, but either way, the show is doomed.

What made the show great back then was that no one expected it. It didn't cross anyone's mind that their Porsche was being spray-painted as a joke, that none of it was real. (That episode with Zach Braff was the best, wasn't it? When he almost punched the kid? Good times.) By the time the show had been on the air for three years though, I think celebrities started realizing that hey, if I throw a can of soda into the dumpster and the dumpster explodes and I'm somehow on the hook for damages, maybe Ashton is behind this. (I'm pretty sure Elijah Wood knew he was being punk'd as soon as that dumpster shot into the air.)

And who's Bieber going to go after? The Disney teen crowd? The hard core rappers? Apparently both have a soft spot for the Biebs. Allegedly Taylor Swift was the first victim -- she was reportedly punk'd Saturday night. No details yet though on what went down.

I don't know who's going to play the fool to Bieber's jokes, but I hope he doesn't go after Chris Brown. Oh wait. Never mind. That's already been done.

Will you watch the Punk'd remake?

Photo via Daniel Ogren/Flickr

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