Amber Portwood Hit Gary Shirley, But Is MTV to Blame?

Amber Portwood LeahRemember Not Me, the invisible little gremlin from the comic strip Family Circus? Any time mom or dad wanted to know who raised a ruckus, the answer was "Not Me." The more we see of Amber Portwood on MTV's reality show Teen Mom, the more obvious it is. Amber has a bad case of the "not me"s. And now we know she comes by her inflated ego naturally.

Turns out her brother, Shawn Portwood, has the same problem. In his personal blog (unearthed by Crushable), though her seemingly more stable sibling provides good advice to his sister onscreen, he's got the same problem with finger-pointing.


For example, who does Shawn blame for his sister's penchant for domestic violence and the subsequent investigation into her punching boyfriend Gary Shirley onscreen while daughter Leah was in the room? Would it be Amber, the angry girl who used her fists to make a point? Oh silly, of course not! Much better to blame MTV. Or as Shawn puts it:

They should have taken matters into their own hands and called the authorities, but they did not, they filmed it and played it. Sneaky sneaky MTV, I really do hope it was worth it but considering you are all spineless soulless individuals I am sure it was worth every dirty dime.

Or here's a thought: Amber could have restrained herself and simply not raised a hand to another person in violence. But that's not the way it works in the land of denial.

The Chili Man Chronicles blog also features Shawn's constant put-downs of Gary himself, generally followed up by an "I love you Gary." A classic tactic of the "always off the hook," it's how folks who can never take the heat for their mistakes provide themselves with an out. After all, it's OK to talk about someone's "hairy man boobies" if you say it with love!

The blog is worth a read anyway. He makes some valid points if you can get past the ranting. His is an interesting perspective: if only because it provides some context for the background Amber comes from and the role it has played in who she is now. Listening to her wail in recent weeks about the investigation surrounding the violent incidents we saw onscreen has been difficult. But it will only continue if she's enabled by people blaming the TV channel for her actions and giving her a way out.

If he really wants to help his sister, Shawn's going to have to break out of the blame game rut and get back to what we saw when he appeared on Teen Mom in person: helping his sister take responsibility for her own actions so she won't repeat the same mistakes.

Do you see Amber ever owning up and moving on if this is what she comes from?


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