Matthew Fox Punched a Woman & 'Lost' All Sex Appeal

matthew foxI'm no longer hot.Today is a very sad day, my friends. I found out that one of my ultimate crushes, Dr. Jack Shephard -- or Matthew Fox as you may know him -- is a grade A douchebag.

How do I know he's a grade A douchebag? Because he punched a woman. More than once. In order to get onto a party bus.


The actor was attempting to board the private party bus so he could get back to his hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. At first, when 29-year-old bus driver Heather Bormann denied his entrance, the Lost actor, who was "too drunk to understand," just stared at her for a few moments, mouth agape. Then he allegedly began striking her in the chest and in the crotch.

Bormann fought back, punching Fox in his pretty face. And she's since spoken out about the incident, saying, "This was my self-defense. This was the only way I could protect myself ... from a man beating up on a woman." She's meeting with prosecutors tomorrow to press charges.

Seriously, dude? This is a major disappointment. I mean, what's next? Am I going to find out that Ryan Gosling is a racist? That Clive Owen hates puppies? Ugh, did Matthew Fox honestly punch a woman in the crotch because she wouldn't let him onto a party bus? Worst ever.

This just goes to show -- most actors are dicks. No matter how amazing and likable their characters are, inside lurks an insecure, drunk, rage-filled lunatic, who's ready to strike like a hungry python at a moment's notice. Hisssss! I mean, he was Charlie Salinger on Party of Five, for crissake!

In other news, my husband can now breathe a sigh of relief because I've crossed Matthew Fox off my top 5 celebrity crushes list. That bumps up Ryan Gosling up to numbers one and two, though. Sowwy.

What do you think of this nonsense? Are you bummed?


Image via ewen and donabel/Flickr

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