Justin Bieber Teases Selena Gomez With His Snake (VIDEO)

justin bieberSelena Gomez co-hosted the VMA pre-show last night and, by all accounts, she was a true professional. Looking like a polished young woman, Selena was a natural interviewer. And when boyfriend Justin Bieber dropped by to chat, she stayed totally cool, despite his best efforts to get her to crack up. She got Justin to tell us about his outfit (red pants, cheetah shoes), about which performances he was excited to see (Kanye and Beyonce), and how honored he feels to be nominated for Best Male Video (against Eminem and Bruno Mars). But Bieber wasn't going to let Selena off that easy. He did what every 17-year-old would want to do if they met Selena: He whipped out his Johnson.


Yes ma'am, Justin pulled out his snake. And when Selena asked him what he calls it, Bieber said that its name is Johnson. And when I say "snake," I mean it. Bieber walked the red carpet with a pet snake in his hand. So naturally, he showed it off to Selena.

He's as sly as a fox, that Bieber. Selena didn't even seem to pick up the double entendre that Bieber was throwing down. I guess that's a good thing though, a giggle fest would've surely commenced had she noticed the joke. They're teenagers after all. Even I'm giggling and I haven't been a teen in years.

At the end of the interview, Selena thanks Justin for hanging out (she calls him "babe," aw!) and then Bieber plants a big old juicy kiss on her cheek, and we finally see her smile. The pair is so cute, it's almost cloying. Even though she looks like a woman and he looks like a boy, you can see that they're head over heels for one another.

What's not to love about a young dude with a lesbian haircut and a pet snake named Johnson?

WATCH the interview with Selena, Justin, and Johnson the Snake:

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