Jay-Z Gave Chris Brown the VMA Reception He Deserves

chris brown performance vmasLast night's VMAs certainly had incredible highs (Lady Gaga's nonstop performance art, Beyonce's baby announcement, and the gifted Adele's tear-jerking performance of "Someone Like You"), but also suffered from some cringe-worthy lows. One of those moments for me was when Chris Brown took the stage to poorly lip-sync, claim inspiration from Nirvana, and fly around on cables like a "pop-star angel." Ugh. It's nothing short of disturbing how this kid is back in the spotlight (thanks to a crappy, over-produced, repetitive dance track), and some people -- stars included -- think he deserves it more than ever.

For instance, Justin Bieber jumped up after the contrived performance to fist-pump, mouthing, "That's my boy!" REALLY now?! Sheesh. If Chris Brown is the kind of person her boyfriend thinks of as his buddy, Selena Gomez better watch out. And of course Kanye was whooping it up for him -- wouldn't put it past that nut job to back Brown.

Thank goodness for Jay-Z.


He didn't stand up or applaud for Brown, not even cracking a smile as he sat there staring at the stage. I'm sure he hasn't forgiven the guy for NEARLY KILLING his protege Rihanna. I know the lines have been drawn and there are people on both "teams," but there's no question for me. I'm with Jay-Z.

Not only is Chris Brown nowhere close to the mega-talent some stars and music fans make him out to be, but his 2009 actions are simply unforgivable. For what he did, I really don't believe he deserves to be welcomed back into the pop music world, period. But if he must be "back" (since MTV doesn't seem to have a conscience about the whole thing whatsoever), what he really deserves is the completely ice-cold reception Jay-Z offered.

What if Casey Anthony or O.J. Simpson had taken the stage? Maybe those two actually ended up killing someone, but Chris Brown almost did. And for that, I simply can't wrap my head around how anyone could applaud him, buy his music, or consider him an entertainer worthy of our attention. He's not remorseful, he's not reformed, and he's not a star. He's a monster who should continue to be boycotted by celebs and music fans alike. 

What did you think of Chris Brown's performance and celebs' reactions to it?

Image via Jeff Kravitz/Getty

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