'True Blood' Recap: Sookie Is a Traitor!

eric hand around neckWell, it was about damn time Eric came back to his senses! Though I'll admit I didn't expect Marnie's spell to be broken by ... okay, I'll wait until after the jump to spell it out, just in case any of you Truebies didn't see tonight's True Blood episode, "Burning Down the House." Hmm, what can I talk about that won't spoil the surprise?

I know! I'll just tell you about what I think was the #1 Funniest Terry Quote Ever, part of a speech on staying clean the vet delivered to his V-addled cousin Andy: "No drugs for me! Except the anti-psychotics." Oh, you gotta love Terry.


So anyway, was anybody else surprised when Sookie whipped out the old lightning bolt hands and shocked Eric back from oblivion? At first, I was like, "You go, badass faerie bee-yotch!" I mean, sometimes Sookie reminds me of a stubborn eighth-grader who just refuses to live up to her potential. Tonight's fierce display of faerie power was like that A+ in Algebra nobody saw coming.

But then when I realized -- well, when Sookie realized and explained to Eric -- that her still-strong love for Bill was what flicked her power switch into high-gear, I was back to being disappointed in the girl. Come on, really!?! Eric is sitting there, his wits completely about him, telling you that he still loves you and reminding you that you gave yourself to him completely and you're all, blah blah blah Bill, blah blah blah blood, blah blah blah I love the both of you?!?!?!

Whatever. I have to try and forget the hurt look in Eric's eyes and focus on this development's obvious silver lining: One step closer to that threesome. Yup.

Other positive plot points from this evening's episode: Were-tramp Debbie is clearly going to hook up with Marcus, which should free up Alcide for more shirtless shenanigans. Tommy is dead at last. Yeah, yeah, R.I.P. and all that, but he waaaay overstayed his welcome.

Oh, and Pam's face is back to normal! Phew. That was just too disturbing to deal with on a weekly basis.

Do you think Sookie betrayed Eric?


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