5 Reasons VMAs Will Make You Turn Off The Weather Channel (FINALLY)

vma moonmanWe've got good news and better news. Hurricane Irene has been downgraded once again to a tropical storm. And the Video Music Awards (better known as the VMAs) are on tonight! Time to break your Weather Channel-watching cycle and switch on over to MTV for the evening.

I know. It's going to hurt. But do you really need to watch the loop of them re-opening the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel or the waves in Atlantic City again? Here's all you'll need to convince even the biggest storm tracker buff to flip the channel:


1. The Hunger Games trailer is here, The Hunger Games trailer is here! Katniss herself, or rather actress Jennifer Lawrence, will be introducing our first real sneak peek at the movie. Considering Lionsgate is torturing us we won't get to see the real thing until March 2012, this alone is enough of a reason to turn that dial.

2. Adele is performing. The Rolling in the Deep singer is up for seven different awards, including the coveted video of the year award, but I'm waiting to hear her belt it out. This is her first time performing at the VMAs -- it ought to be good. Who wants to lay bets on her performing a tribute to Amy Winehouse?

3. There's no host. That's right. No obnoxious stunts (well, OK, this is MTV, so none from the host anyway). No nattering on when we just want to know who got the Moonman already. No overblown personality who thinks way too much of himself and what he's got to say. Just videos, music, and awards. Gee, might be why they call them the Video Music Awards? 

4. Kanye West is vying for six awards. Which means at some point, someone will probably give that man a microphone. And we all remember what happens when someone gives Kanye a mic . . . he busts into a surprise performance with Jay-Z. Hey, that's the rumor anyway.

5. One word: Gaga. She's supposed to be the opening act -- that is if Kanye let's her finish. 

Will you be watching? The whole things starts at 9 p.m. EST, with a pre-show hosted by sweetheart Selena Gomez kicking off at 8.


Image via MTV

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