Robert Pattinson Is Just As Hot Without the Fangs (VIDEO)

robert pattinson bel amiSo, naturally I would watch Robert Pattinson play any kind of role. Of course I'm dying to see him in Breaking Dawn, but I'd just as happily stand in line to see him star in the sequel to Mall Cop. The point is, Pattinson's charm doesn't rely solely on the somber sweetness of Edward Cullen.

And it's a good thing, too, because "sweet" isn't the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of Georges Duroy, Pattinson's character in the upcoming period drama Bel Ami.


Based on the 1885 Guy de Maupassant of the same name, Bel Ami promises to be one of those ornate, visually sweeping films that, if nothing else, always wins at least one Oscar for Costume Design. It's a familiar, Dangerous Liaisons-esque sort of tale: Belle Epoque Paris, social climbing, infidelity, and many, many layers of petticoat/bloomer things to be peeled off before Pattinson can properly get it on, four-poster bed-style.

So far, so good, right? But apparently there's been some concern that Twilight audiences will be alienated by RPattz's turn as a Parisian playboy. Georges Duroy is quite the cad, to be sure -- Pattinson's love scene partners include Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, and Holliday Grainger, to name a few.

But I think it'll be fascinating to see RPattz take on a more complex, adult role. Maybe even more than fascinating ...

Has no one considered that we might actually like Robert Pattinson BETTER as a The Bad Guy? (Edward is dangerous by virtue of his vampire-ness, but beyond that he's a total boy scout.)

I'm definitely open to the possibility! Check out this clip and tell me what you think ...

Is RPattz just as hot without his fangs?


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