Kristin Cavallari Says 'Yes!' to a Military Man

Kristin Cavallari

Eat your heart out, Jay Cutler. His former fiance Kristin Cavallari -- you know, the gorgeous one he DUMPED -- has just gone and done the coolest thing by agreeing to attend a military ball with a U.S. Marine. We don't see anyone tweeting Cutler and inviting HIM to any military balls lately, now do we? And judging from the picture going around, the marine in question is super cute. And I have no doubt that he could kick Jay's pampered pretty boy ass no problem, too. Maybe.

It's great that Cavallari is back in circulation again so soon after her breakup with the Chicago Bears' quarterback. A U.S. Marine named Jonathan Burket extended an invitation to Cavallari on Twitter, and it's got to be the sweetest, most sincere exchange of all the military ball invitiations (and there are a lot) out there.

Here's how the operation went down:


Marine: "Wanted to know if you want to go the the Marine Corps Ball with me in San Diego?! Would make a video but still deployed!"

Pretty Blond TV Star: "Would love to! When is it?"

Awww. "I wanted to know if you wanted ..." How fifth grade is that? In the best way ever! Cavallari apparently responded to the Twitter invite right away. She didn't hem and haw and jump on the phone with her publicist to come up with a self-satisfying response or to figure out a way to decline the solider politely. She said "yes" immediately, which tells me she's sincere and really wants to go.

Many of these military ball invites have so far basically been publicity stunts on the part of the celebrity, but with so many more of them happening, it's only a matter of time before one of them works out and the couple actually becomes an item. It wouldn't be the strangest thing in the world. And we all know how Cavallari likes men in uniform.

How do you like the trend of celebrities attending military balls with servicepeople?


Image via Charlie Galley/Getty

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