'Dancing With the Stars' Makes Bold, Exciting Casting Choices

As we move closer and closer to Monday, the day when Dancing With the Stars will make their big, official cast announcement, it seems more and more names are leaking out, and the ones coming out do make the show worth watching.

According to USA Today, both Chaz Bono and George Clooney's ex, Elisabetta Canalis, are two of the potential cast members this season. If so, good for them!

Bono would be an obviously different choice. The show has never featured a transgendered dancer before. Chaz, the son of Cher and Sonny Bono, was born Chastity Bono with female parts, but made his transition to male a few years ago.


For DWTS to make this choice is a huge risk. It's a show that is widely watched and probably watched by many who might feel uncomfortable with the idea.

It makes me so proud of the show that they're saying they don't care about all that and are bringing someone on who might be a little controversial, but who will undoubtedly bring viewers like me to the screen.

I mean, let's face it, I would have watched either way, but I'm glad that they're thinking about contestants who are a little different or unusual. It makes it watchable, but it also brings awareness about differences and helps people adjust to them. Part of what makes the show unique is the eclectic bunch of people who come on it, from athletes to models to actresses and politicians. It's a show for everyone that can appeal to everyone.

The choices I have heard about so far -- Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Hope Soloand David Arquette as well -- are going to make the show really watchable. I can hardly wait!

Are you going to watch?

Image via greginhollywood/Flickr

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