'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Thinks She's a Real Housewife

jenelle evans teen momHoly reality show shake-up! Jenelle Evans is one of the quasi stars of MTV's Teen Mom 2, the teenager who gave birth to baby Jace and is trying to balance a social life and college with motherhood. So why does her schedule look a lot more like she's one of the new stars of The Real Housewives?

Seriously, y'all! The North Carolina teen tweeted a photo of her back-to-school schedule last week, and she's got more free time than a kept woman with a sugar daddy.


On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Evans has blocked out a total of five and half hours of time devoted to "beach/gym/free time." That doesn't include her shower time (she gets a whole hour for that!) or the average mom's real "me" time: driving. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she hikes it up to a full six hours of total freedom (with another hour under the showerhead ... ah, bliss). Jeez, I just don't know how she manages it all.

My kid gets up by 7. And I have to work a normal eight-hour day. AND hang out with her all night. And feed her dinner. And do bedtime and bath.

But Jenelle takes three different classes a week, plus all that beach and gym time! It's no wonder Evans' mom Barbara retains custody of little Jace: the teen "mom" only has a whopping two hours left in her day to spend with the person she pushed out of her uterus. That little end-of-day slot includes giving her own child his bath. And that's separate from the time when she takes her OWN luxurious hour-long shower. No killing two birds with one stone like the rest of us frazzled moms trying to find enough time in the day.

What could be next for Jenelle? Having to get up earlier than 8 a.m. to fit it all in? Oh, the horrors.

Maybe it's time she make the jump from MTV to Bravo. I'm pretty sure those ladies of leisure get to sleep until noon so they can stay up all night partying. Or is that the Jersey Shore folks? Either way: Jenelle's not showing she's much of a "teen mom" with this schedule, is she?


Image via YouTube

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