Minka Kelly Finally Realizes How Ugly Her Boyfriend Is

minka kellyBy now you've probably heard the news that Friday Night Lights hottie Minka Kelly and her balding baseball player of a boyfriend, Derek Jeter, have broken up. Are you sad? Don't be, it's a good thing. Are you happy (because now you think you have a shot with either one of them)? Don't be, that's insane.

It's always a bummer when two people call it quits on their relationship -- even if they happen to be two really rich, really famous people. But this is one instance where that's totally not the case. In fact, it's the opposite. It's a very, very good thing. For Minka.


Derek Jeter is gross, dude! I'm sorry, but he is. He's got a weird nose, little jack-o-lantern teeth, and like I said, he's balding. Why do women go crazy for him? And why was Minka Kelly ever with him in the first place?! I want answers!

I actually had the pleasure of working with Minka a few years ago on a TV show in Los Angeles. Is she as beautiful in real life as she is on screen? No. She's more beautiful. (Short, though, if that makes you feel any better.) She could literally have any man her stunning heart desired -- and that's who she picked? It just doesn't add up.

Not only is Derek not all he's built up to be (physically), he's an athlete. Never date a professional athlete, Minka. They're volatile ego-maniacs with a penchant for philandering. They're actually a lot like actors and musicians. So, you'd probably be better off with, like, a writer or a director or something.

Or, better yet, just stay single for a while. Concentrate on your rising career and your general hotnicity. Take some time for yourself. Join a yoga class, paint a picture of a pony, do a VO5 Hot Oil treatment. Treat yourself right.

Just don't go back to Derek Jeter. Because you can do so much better.

Are you happy Minka and Derek broke up?


Image via Datz.ro/Flickr

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