David Arquette Makes Strange, Hip-Shaking Career Move

David Arquette is set to join Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars along with a cast that has yet to be revealed in full but does seem to include Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of Jersey Shore fame. Really? Arquette wants to be on a show with Snooki?

It seems the once A-lister (or at least the once married to an A-lister) has hit rock bottom months after getting out of rehab. The thing is, DWTS is a cool show, but the people they get are so random. Or maybe that's what makes it entertaining. And lord knows, Arquette, with his penchant for the over-share and hard partying ways, should make for good TV.

But is this really the best career move for him?


After 13 seasons of the show, I would be hard pressed to think of a single person for whom the show was a majorly good career move. Scratch that. Maybe Melissa Rycroft benefited from the show. And Bristol Palin, too. But both of them had nowhere to go but up. Arquette has already been on top. This isn't going to help him go anywhere.

It's also just a curious thing. I can't imagine him as a good dancer. He seems too awkward in his body and just kind of goofy. But he would hardly be the first stiff and weirdly uncomfortable male on the show.

Still, this seems like an odd move for a guy who would probably like to jump-start his career. From Scream 4 to DWTS? Hmmm. Good luck to him!

Do you think this is a good move for him?


Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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