Regarding Will & Jada, Justin Bieber Should Really Zip It

justin bieberThere are a lot of things I'd say Justin Bieber is an expert on ... like ironic Saved by the Bell tees, making the ladies squeal, and perfume. Absent from this list is Will and Jada's relationship. I don't belieb that our favorite 17-year-old pop star is privy to the inner workings of the Smiths' marriage, but Justin thinks differently. Bieber tweeted: "Will and Jada are one of the best couples ever. #FACT #real"

Even though the singer is friends with the Smith kids Willow and Jaden, I find it hard to swallow that Justin really knows what he's talking about.


We all heard the rumor that Will and Jada were getting a divorce and the couple's denial, but Justin Bieber did not need to get involved. Like a nosy cheerleader jumping in on every conversation in the cafeteria, Bieber got all up in the Smiths' grill as fast as he could. But as a mega-star himself, you'd think Bieber would want to stay far far away from the rumor mill.

Also? What does Justin really know about love, let alone marriage. He's not technically an adult yet, but I think soon enough he'll learn it's best to stay out of his friends' love lives. I'm sure he was just trying to show support for the couple, but it comes across as trite and uninformed.

Since Will and Jada aren't personal friends of mine, I of course have free reign to comment all I want on their marriage. Ha. But the second my dream comes true and Will, Jada, and I are able to take that Alaskan cruise together and dine on Dungeness crab and prawn cocktails, I'll stop writing about their relationship.

Until then, Bieber should zip it.

What do you think?

Photo via Daniel Ogren/Flickr

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