Jim Carrey's Creepy Emma Stone Crush Confession Isn't a Total Joke (VIDEO)

jim carrey love letter to emma stoneI just found out Jim Carrey and I have something pretty cool in common: We both have crushes on Hollywood's latest "it" girl, Emma Stone. Although there's a big difference that bears noting. Mine's a harmless, "OMG she's so funny, I heart her and wish she were my new BFF!" girl crush, whereas Carrey's feelings seem, err, questionably stalker-ish? See, the 49-year-old comedian recently took to his website to post a love letter/video confession for the 22-year-old actress, and the result was, well, wacky to say the least.

I mean, if I were his ex Jenny McCarthy, I'd be a little freaked out right now. Even though he claims it was a stunt, Carrey's confession might just be a sign that he's totally lost it.


In the video, the actor seems totally sincere as he waxes poetic about how he wishes he were a more appropriately aged suitor for Stone. Although, he mentions, the only tell-tale signs of aging he's noticed include, uh, slight trouble urinating. (Thanks for the prostate health overshare, Jim-bo!) At any rate, he says if he were younger, they'd go camping, play Yahtzee together, and have cute, chubby, freckled kids. As he wraps up his sweet/creepy/romantic/awkward/HILARIOUS video, his jaw quivers and he mouths, "I love you ... I do." Ooooh boy.

Check it out:

GAH, see what I mean?! After watching the video, all I could think was, "I sure HOPE he's joking!" And although he tweeted early this a.m. that it was comedy routine, he also said, "everything that i said is tru." In other words ... HUH?

So, I'm wondering if we should be afraid and concerned for Jim. Suuuuure, older guys covet much younger women all the time, but they're usually not this unabashedly forward via Internet! Unless you're this creepy old guy who loves Selena Gomez. ICK! Please say Jim isn't turning into THAT guy?!

Eerily, he could very well be serious, especially given that Emma's blonde-slash-redhead look is reminiscent of Jim's former flames (think Jenny and Lauren Holly, too). I know 49 vs. 22 is usually NBD in Hollywood, but being that Jim's actual daughter, Jane is EXACTLY Emma's age, it would be much, much better if he was truly kidding.

Do you think Jim's video is actually a joke? Would you want to see these two together?

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