Kim Kardashian Deserves a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame"Hell to the No." That was the answer given on the Hollywood Walk of Fame's Facebook page, when someone asked if reality stars like Kim Kardashian are eligible for star status. Why the hell not is what I want to know.

If anyone deserves to appear on the walk of FAME, it's Kim Kardashian. How many people can you think of that are more famous than she is? Not many, huh? No, she may not be Julliard schooled or learned in the ways of Shakespearean acting, but she's one of the biggest stars of this century, and I see no reason she shouldn't be there, especially when people like Tinker Bell, Judge Judy, and Roseanne Barr are.


Ana Martinez, vice president for media relations and producer for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, told CNN that nominees must meet the committee's criteria, which includes: longevity in their field of entertainment (check -- she's been in reality TV about as long as that field has existed), awards and other honors (check -- among others, she received one of Glamour's Women of the Year awards earlier this year), and philanthropic work (check -- plus she gives 10 percent of her money to church and charity). So what other arguments have you now snooty Hollywood people?

If they're so offended by the thought of a reality show star in the midst of "real actresses," first I would question if they've ever watched a reality show. Many times the stars of reality shows are some of the best actresses around.

Second, if they need to start a "special section" for reality stars so they don't taint the rest of the stars, then so be it. But reality television deserves some recognition on this historic walk, because it has made history. It has provided some of the best (or at least most notorious) entertainment of the last decade, and like it or not, some of its famous stars deserve stars too.

Do you think Kim Kardashian and other reality television stars deserve stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Image via HarshLight/Flickr

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