Shocking Christina Aguilera Child Abuse Rumor Is Disgusting

As if the seemingly baseless tabloid rumor and subsequent media frenzy about Will and Jada Smith's marriage wasn't bad enough, today's post from MediaTakeOut on Christina Aguilera may just be the most vicious gossip I've ever seen published about a celebrity.

According to the website, Christina's 3-year-old son's bruised face is likely an indication that his alcoholic mom has been beating the crap out of him.

Man, and you thought you had some horror stories about enduring obnoxious parental judgment.


The site posted a photo of Christina's son Max sporting a nasty-looking black eye, and included the following text:

Normally we would just chalk this up to a CLUMSY KID. But the word on the street is that Christina has a DRINKING PROBLEM ... so who knows WHAT could have happened. Someone needs to look into this ...

I'm not sure what's up with their RANDOM CAPITALIZATION, but this sure sounds like a BUNCH OF BULLSHIT and also maybe a LAWSUIT WAITING TO HAPPEN.

While MediaTakeOut was busy speculating how a preschool-aged child may possibly have sustained such an injury, since everyone knows little kids are in full command of their motor skills and almost never hurt themselves—hang on a second, just gotta run a Band-Aid out to my son, who scraped half the skin off his knee while I was typing that last sentence—a friend of Aguilera has provided a little more backstory to Max's SHOCKING FACIAL DAMAGE.

Namely, that he was chasing some squirrels in a park when he tripped and fell.

You know, I'm in the business of covering entertainment news, and I don't always find it easy to determine where my personal lines should be when it comes to talking about celebrities. I often come down on the side of believing that anyone who chooses to live in the public eye must have made peace with having their lives discussed by the masses—but insinuating that a mother is abusing her child is way, WAY beyond the pale. I really don't know how someone can publish that kind of crap, no matter how many extra readers they may have attracted with such a slanderous statement.

It seems like every now and then a big-name celebrity gets pissed enough to sue a tabloid for deliberately spreading lies about them, and then all the more outrageous gossip rags sort of dial it back for a bit. I'm pretty sure MediaTakeOut has precisely zero millions of dollars to pay out in a settlement, but I'd like to see Christina Aguilera take their sorry, badly-designed ass to court for this one. Or at the very least, force them to apologize for the article—and pay any of the advertising revenue they received to a charity that helps kids who are actually abused.

Are you as disgusted by this gossip site as I am?

Image via Flickr/nickstep

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