Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison Reality Show Will Be Unwatchable

courtney stoddenCourtney Stodden, 16, and her Z-list husband Doug Hutchison, 51, went on an Australian morning show and discussed how deeply in love they are, how Doug's only a week or two younger than Courtney's mother, and how they're really excited about their upcoming reality show. The nauseating duo has apparently been courted by "amazing" producers about starring in an "out of this world" reality show.

I think my TV just exploded in protest.


There is no way they'll get a reality show, right? There aren't actually producers out there that think this is a good idea, right? Because Courtney and Doug are disturbing. Actually, disturbing is the wrong word because disturbing sometimes makes good reality TV (the Duggars, the Real Housewives of DC), so they're ... revolting and pitiful. No one wants to see that on the boob tube after a long day's work.

I think the best they could hope for would be a 15-minute show that airs on the TV Guide channel as the listings scroll by underneath. They say they're in negotiations with a "very prominent producer," but I know neither Mark Burnett, Bunim/Murray, nor Andy Cohen would touch these creepos with a 10-foot pole, so yeah: TV Guide's probably their only hope.

And after you watch this interview, you'll see why. They're hard to watch and hard to stomach. I'm really hoping this is some Christopher Guest movie publicity stunt, but I'm truly afraid it's real. And those poor dogs. Those poor little pink pups.

The first cringe-worthy moment is when Doug says that 51 + 16 = Love. Then when you look at Courtney in her frosted lip gloss, clear bra straps, and teased hair, you can't help but feel sorry for this little girl who's so eager for fame that she pulls a stunt like this. The second cringe comes when Courtney says she fell in love with Doug's "face, body, and hair." It's comments like those that make me believe she really is only 16.

The third moment comes when Doug says that Courtney "is so bad" with a grin on his face that every grandma across the country would like to smack off.

From there it's all downhill. Watch for yourself and let me know: Would you watch their reality show?

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