'Teen Mom' Recap: Maci Has Worst Idea Ever

The girls of MTV's Teen Mom are becoming women and they are doing it (mostly) well. Farrah has a big move in mind, Catelynn is graduating, Amber is finally getting herself together, and Maci Bookout -- perhaps the most together of all -- has decided to mess it all up for herself. She wants another baby. Huh?

Maci spent much of the Tuesday episode trying to convince her boyfriend Kyle (and friends and family) that having a second baby at her age (20 as of this month) is a great idea. It's not.

She may be a great mom, relatively responsible, and committed to one man she loves, but being "bored" when Bentley is with his dad and giving Kyle his own baby aren't reasons to actually create a life. Her mom said it best.


"Ask anyone with two kids," she told Maci. "It is much harder than one."

That statement seems obvious because, well, duh. But it really isn't easy to explain to someone with one just HOW much harder two is. There is no downtime. Quiet time with Kyle? What's that? Someone constantly needs something, someone is constantly upset. When I had one, I had enormous amounts of downtime. Now, I get it, but it's because I hire someone to watch them or I fight with my husband to get it.

There is almost no time during the day when one of my children doesn't need me. As my husband says, "It's not double the work, it's exponential." Indeed.

Why would Maci want that? She still has college to finish and a relationship to deepen. She also still has custody issues to sort out and too much drama with her first baby daddy to go and make the same mistake again. Why not do it the more traditional way next time? Wait until she is a little older, mid-20s or so. Get married. Be with the guy for a few years. Finish college, get a career going. Then have a baby.

Sure, it's not as exciting, but it's much more practical. A stable base at least means that when life gets stressful, which it certainly will with two kids, then at least you have that to fall back on.

No one is saying Maci is a bad mom. In fact, she is a very good one. But part of being a good parent is knowing your limits. You don't have a third child when two is stressing you out to an unreasonable degree. You don't go out and buy something expensive when you know you need the money at home. And you don't have another baby when the one you have is already causing you enormous amounts of drama.

Luckily, it seems from the after show that Maci gets that now, too. Yay Maci!

Do you think Maci needs another baby?


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