Russell Armstrong's Suicide Is More Tragic Than We Thought

Russell and Taylor ArmstrongSince Russell Armstrong, the former husband of Taylor Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, committed suicide last week, details continue to emerge. They paint a picture of a deeply troubled man and a marriage that was much worse than what we saw on television.

The abuse Taylor revealed last month was no minor matter. According to reports, along with filing for divorce, she also filed pictures of herself after one of the beatings. Entertainment Tonight reports that they are "graphic" and show Taylor with a bloodied face, gashed from mouth to eye. Host Chris Jacobs said of the pictures the show obtained, "We are not ready to show them to you just yet, but I can tell you that it looks as though she was hit in the eye with tremendous force."


As hard as it is to feel sympathy for someone who would do that to his own wife, new evidence about Russell's final weeks certainly evokes plenty of regret for the entire, miserable situation and questions as to if it could have been prevented.

According to, Russell had been on anti-depressant medication for rage issues that was helping him control his anger. Then for some unknown reason, he stopped taking them two weeks before the suicide. A source told the site:

Russell had been doing so well when he was on the anti-depressants. Taylor was very supportive of him taking the meds. All of a sudden about two weeks ago, Russell stopped taking the meds though.

While we'll never know if his suicide could have been prevented if he had kept taking them, it's hard not to imagine that he could have worked through his issues if only he had. That something so simple as a few pills could have saved his life -- and he eschewed them -- just adds to this tragedy.

A memorial service for Russell will be held tomorrow. May all of those who knew and loved him, especially his children, be able to move on and find some peace. Bravo choosing to scrap this season of RHWBH would certainly help.

Are you surprised to learn that Russell Armstrong stopped taking his anti-depressants just weeks before his suicide?

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