Madonna’s Camp Admits Lady Gaga Works Harder Than Madge

lady gagaI thought the hardest working person in show business was Ryan Seacrest, but Madonna and Lady Gaga might disagree. The Material Girl's publicist acknowledges that Madonna works her butt off, but that Lady Gaga probably worked harder in the earlier stages of her career than Madge did. Why? Because back in the '80s when Madonna was coming up, there wasn't any Internet and people listened to music on these things called cassette tapes, and no one was sitting for hours on end staring at a computer screen watching music videos, reading celeb blogs, or becoming fans of Facebook pages dedicated to their favorite pop star.

Madonna had it soooo easy.


Here are Liz Rosenberg's, Madonna's publicist, exact words:

When Lady Gaga's record came out and she was doing TV all over the world, I would say it’s five times more than Madonna did. If they’re not saying "You’re overexposed," then you’re not doing your job ... Any way you look at it, fans expect much more. They used to just expect a great record and maybe a little press.

It makes a lot of sense. The crazy appetite we have nowadays to learn all there is to know about our stars, to track their every move, to gobble up the smallest details of their personal lives didn't exist in the '80s. There was no way to fill that desire 30 years ago -- there was no way to get the details instantaneously.

I'm sure it's 100 percent true that Gaga has worked harder than Madonna, but I'd argue that there was more pressure on Madonna to put out better music. Since it wasn't her image or her celebrity that was necessarily going to make people want to fork over their money for her music, I bet she was most focused on making hit records. Whether Gaga is centered more on her music and less on her celebrity remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure: She still makes awesome tunes. Her albums are great. Her music hasn't suffered from her famousness.

Do you think Gaga works harder than Madonna did?

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