Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Wouldn't Hide Their Divorce From Family

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Come, ride the Will and Jada rumor roller coaster with us, will you? While there was widespread speculation (and heartbreak) this morning that Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith are splitsville, Will Smith's son Trey Smith says the divorce rumor simply isn't true. So either the In Touch Weekly tabloid rumor is total baloney or we have a phone-tapping nightmare of our own in this country -- one that let a tabloid in on this big news before Will and Jada even told their own kid.

Knowing what we know about the Smith family, I'm inclined to believe the latter.


People also reports there's another rumor that Pinkett Smith hooked up with Marc Anthony. Ewwww! I'm not buying that one for a minute. Thankfully, Pinkett Smith's rep responded specifically:

All the rumors regarding Marc Anthony and Jada are false. Completely untrue.

Strangely, though, the rep refused to comment on the divorce rumors. It's also a little weird that Will and Jada would allow their son to publicly debunk the rumor on his Twitter before doing it themselves through their reps or the release of some kind of formal statement. However, I'm sure there's some sort of method to the PR madness. Maybe Trey is the Smith who needs the most press right now, I don't know ... or maybe they simply can't be bothered with such gossip mill lunacy.

For now, I'm holding on to the belief that Trey knows what he's talking about -- because if there's one thing we all know about the Smiths, it's that their kids would be the FIRST to know if there was a breakup looming. Will and Jada put their family first -- always -- and even in the event that their marriage should fall apart, this would not change.

Do you think Trey knows the real truth or are you waiting for Will and Jada to speak out?


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