Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Made Her Wedding Worth Watching

Kim KardashianAs Kim Kardashian celebrated her massively extravagant and expensive celebrity-style wedding this weekend, I suppose it's only fitting that what made her a big celebrity in the first place was showcased along with her diamond headpiece. Yes, we're talking about the sex tape that launched the Kardashian empire as we know it today, and without which we would have no idea who any of the K-named clan are.

First up, Kim's ex, singer Ray J -- the guy in the sex tape with Kim -- reportedly sent her a text message on her wedding day containing a link to the uber-graphic video they made together back in 2007. A little reminder of where she came from, or perhaps one last-ditch attempt to woo her away from Kris Humphries? Either way, mama Kris Jenner, for one, is reportedly pissed.


Ray J wasn't the only one thinking about their infamous sex tape this weekend, however. While most were clamoring for details about her dress and guest list in public, apparently all the wedded bliss madness drove voyeurs around the world to seek out more (MUCH more) behind the privacy of their computer screens.

TMZ reports there was a huge surge in traffic to the site that hosts the video this weekend. While it usually gets about 300,000 visits per month, last weekend alone about 2 million people viewed the graphic video. Holy perverts ... especially Irish ones, as Ireland racked up the most views. Wonder how those numbers will compete with the E! special Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event? It will be ironic if it doesn't bring in more viewers than the sex tape, no?

While it's unfortunate that a mistake from her past has haunted her this long and had to mar the magical weekend, she really can't bemoan it too much. That tape truly is the gift that keeps on giving as the Kardashian empire grows and grows. After all, if there had been no tape, we'd have no idea who she and her family were, and she likely wouldn't have snagged the attention of Humphries. The glamorous three-dress bash with the ginormous dollar signs attached would have never been, and she'd have been just another bride. There also probably wouldn't have been so many truffles served at her reception.

So really, Ray J gave her the best wedding gift of all years ago. Perhaps instead of being pissed, Mrs. Jenner should send him a thank-you note instead.

Did you watch Kim Kardashian's sex tape this weekend? Would you admit it if you did?

Image via david _ shankbone/Flickr

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