'Kate Plus 8' Recap: Kate Gosselin Doesn't Need a Husband!

kate gosselin hammerIs there anything Kate Gosselin can't do? After last night's episode of Kate Plus 8, I sincerely doubt it. Deciding to raise chickens is enough of an undertaking, if you ask me, but Gosselin didn't stop at cleaning out the barn for the little guys. No, she went into full Pioneer Woman mode and built an enclosure for the chicks herself.

My first reaction to seeing Kate furiously pounding a wood stake into the ground was, of course, to assume that she took on the project as an excuse to vent her frustrations by hitting stuff really hard.

Because otherwise, why would someone take on such a thankless task, particularly when there's a cable network presumably willing to pay somebody else to do it for you?

Then it hit me ...


Like lots of single moms out there, Kate's got something to prove to the world: She don't need no stinking Jon, she can take care of herself! And 8 kids! And a whole mess of chickens! Without his help, thank you very much.

I get it. And I'm betting she feels that way now more than ever, since the news broke about the show being cancelled after this season. What will Kate do now? How will she provide for her family?? Can you imagine how it would feel to have the world watching you, waiting to see if you'll sink or swim?

Clearly Kate is a survivor, and she doesn't have to prove it -- we figured that out a long time ago. But if she wants to build her own chicken coop just to show that she can, more power to her. Because she's not just proving herself to us, she's proving herself to her daughters. Or, to put a finer point on it, she's proving to her daughters that women can take care of themselves.

And everybody else too, if need be.

Do you think Kate is setting a good example for her girls?


Image via TLC

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