Ryan Gosling Stops Street Fight and Leaves Us Breathless (VIDEO)

ryan gosling
Ryan Gosling breaks up a NYC street fight
Hot stuff (and very fine actor, I might add) Ryan Gosling recently hit the streets of Manhattan with some very handsome-looking heroism. Like some kind of stealth ball-capped superhero who shows up out of nowhere in the nick of time, Gosling single-handedly and crazy serenely broke up a gnarly street fight in a New York City intersection. Even better -- it was caught on camera for all of us to watch in awe.

Get ready to hear the girls SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM.


WATCH Ryan Gosling bust up the two brawlers:

Wow, where did he come from? Did someone throw the Ryan Gosling distress signal switch (and can someone show me where that switch is, please)? Something obviously sent him running to the rescue, sleeves shredding and ripping off his striped shirt by the sheer force of his super-generous biceps -- until he could arrive on the scene for the most calm, cool, and collected fight intervention I've ever seen. What was that, like a Gosling mind trick? A few simple inaudible words, barely a flex of the muscles, and a no-drama escort off the street?

Wow, how did he do that? And when can he do that to me?

Did Ryan Gosling's smooth moves leave you breathless?


Image via YouTube

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