LeAnn Rimes SHOULD 'Eat Something,' But That's Her Business

leann rimesJudging from her appearance, most of us assume LeAnn Rimes seems to have some kind of weight issue. I've speculated before that she's probably struggling with a psychological or hormonal problem. But if I were to see her in public, would I actually approach her, interrupt her, and confront her on it? HELL no! But a woman who was dining at the same Chicago lounge bar as LeAnn, her hubs, Eddie Cibran, and their sons couldn't help herself from doing just that. She waltzed over to the country singer and told her to "eat something!"

Later, LeAnn vented about the incident on Twitter, tweeting, "How dare someone come to me at a table w/ the boys and tell me I need to eat something ... What is wrong with people?! As I'm stuffing my face... have another drink and maybe take a class in manners! Cheers!" Ouch!

Now, as far as I'm concerned, LeAnn's a public figure, and that alone makes her a justifiable target for public discourse and gossip.


Especially when she continues to flaunt and brag about her emaciated-looking figure in a very public way. (This hyper-defensive tweeting about "stuffing her face" -- which isn't exactly healthy or reflective of a healthy attitude re: food -- isn't exactly helpful either.) But that doesn't make it right for anyone to think they can get up in her face, interrupting her dinner, in person. That's just inappropriate and CRAY CRAY!

It's also a scary example of how, thanks to reality TV, social media, and the whole "household name" vibe of the entertainment biz these days, lots of us feel like we know celebs on a personal level. And somehow, that false belief seems to morph into an assurance that it's okay to actually personally attack someone famous, perhaps via Twitter or, in this case, in person. But that's totally wacky and wrong.

When it comes to celebs' personal biznaz, we can certainly speculate and voice concern for her 'til the cows come home. LeAnn's fame makes her fair game for that, but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve respect and space when she's out in public. She is just a person, too. Would this woman have gone up to a rail-thin stranger and sqawk "eat something!"? Uh, doubtful!

As much as I personally doubt that she is a perfectly "healthy girl" as she protests, I have to agree with LeAnn on one thing: There's something seriously wrong with the woman who approached her. If only because she seems to think it's her place to tell a celeb how to live her life.

What do you think about this incident?

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