'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Teresa & Ashley Are Both Insane

Teresa Giudice Ashley HolmesThe drama on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey took place in two places: The Laurita home (where Ashely was the star), and at the lovely "goddess-themed" dinner party hosted by chef extraordinaire, Kathy Wakile. And at both locales, Ashley Holmes and Teresa Giudice respectively proved themselves mentally insane.

Let's start with Teresa. And her arrival to the party. No, it wasn't anything dramatic or with a flourish, but, as usual, she was the last person to get there. Dude. For the love of God, what is it with this woman and time? Don't any of her fancy watches have batteries? Why is she physically incapable of being where she's supposed to be when she's supposed to be there?!


But that was the least noteworthy thing about her antics. Teresa was a rude, hot mess at Kathy's dinner party.

After getting there, Teresa immediately started complaining about the food -- to the camera in her confessional, and basically to Kathy's face. See, Teresa has serious issues with parsley, and she can't believe anyone in their right mind would use it in their food (unless that food is sauce). At one point, she turned to Jacqueline and said -- indiscreetly -- "I can't believe you made me eat that." That's a nice way to act when someone's cooked for you.

Then, when Kathy decided to give each girl a bracelet (a goddess bracelet) and go around the room saying nice things about all of them, Teresa acted like a jerk again. Not only did she take her "compliment" as an insult, she interrupted Melissa's compliment and made it about herself. Kathy told Melissa that she was a great mom, and Teresa cut her off, saying, "We're all amazing moms." Jealous and insecure much?

But all of these things paled in comparison to Teresa's reaction after learning Kathy wants to open a restaurant or start her own catering company. Instead of saying, "Oh, cool" like the rest of the women, she talks over everyone to say, "Me and Joe are opening a restaurant!" Gross! Let the woman have her moment. Teresa, you were a terrible guest, and you're actually making a small part of me like Melissa Gorga (not really).

Then there was Ashley, the rudest, most disrespectful daughter on the planet. She let her parents know that she's continuing with her plan to move to California to "go to school, work, and have a house." When they expressed some concern, she immediately snapped at them before running off into her room.

But that's it for her. Chris (possibly my favorite person on earth) marched into her bedroom, told her to call a friend, and get the eff outta his house. It's about time.

All in all, a solid ep, but sort of cringe-worthy to watch. Between Teresa's obnoxious behavior and Ashley's ... obnoxious behavior, I felt like I needed a shower or something once the show ended. Perhaps the two of them should hang out with each other -- because I think there are very few people who can stomach either one of them anymore.

What did you think of tonight's ep?


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