Kim Kardashian's Wedding Guest List Sneak Peek!

Kim Kardashian wedding Khloe

Today's the big wedding day extravaganza for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. You know it, we know it, and the Twitterverse knows it too. In fact, it seems to be blowing up with tweets about it.

Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kris have tweeted. And Rob and Brody, too. However, the really fun part is getting to see who really made the guest list. Several of the guests are giving updates as they prepare for and travel to the star-studded event. If we can't be there, at least this allows us to follow along in the excitement, right?

Well, let's see what everyone's saying. Still no word on the exact time of the nuptials, but it can't be long now since many guests seem are getting dolled up or en route. I'm counting the hours until the first wedding dress photo is leaked.



KhloeKardashian KhloéKardashianOdom
To my beautiful sister Kimmie on your wedding day...
Kourtney Kardashian
KourtneyKardash Kourtney Kardashian
My sister is getting married tomorrow!!!
Kris Jenner
KrisJenner Kris Jenner
I want to tell all of my twitterdolls how much I appreciate all of your beautiful well wishes for @KimKardashian wedding! God is so good!!
Robert Kardashian
RobKardashian Robert Kardashian
I'm with Brucer and we gonna RAGE!!!
Kendall Jenner
KendallJenner Kendall Jenner
BIG DAY! My sissy is getting married today!!! So happy for you @kimkardashian! Love youuuu
Brody Jenner
BrodyJenner Brody Jenner
Getting a nice 10k run in before the long drive up to the wedding!! Congrats @KimKardashian love you
Kaela Humphries
Kaelahumphries Kaela Humphries
I am so excited to have a new addition ( @KimKardashian) to Team Hump today! Today is going to be a blast!!


Jonathan Cheban
JonathanCheban Jonathan Cheban
Its time!
Jillian Barberie
askjillian Jillian Barberie
We be getting our face on for @KimKardashian wedding
lala LA LA
Butterflies in my stomach for @KimKardashian & @Krishumphries...beyond excited for today! the Anthonys are on our way! Love is in the Air!
brittny gastineau
BrittGastineau brittny gastineau
Only a few hours to go till @KimKardashian gets married!!! So excited for her!!! Ahhhhhh
George Keshishyan
GPlatinum George Keshishyan
Final Destination, Santa Barbara.
lisagastineau lisagastineau
The most beautiful drive up to Montecito EVER! @lala & @carmeloanthony right behind us!!
Jack Keshishyan
JKPLATINUM Jack Keshishyan
Just touched base in Santa Barbara with @GPlatinum time to get in that fitted Dolce suit and the red bottoms for @KimKardashian 's wedding!
Ryan Seacrest
RyanSeacrest Ryan Seacrest
On the way to @kimkardashian's wedding...traffic so bad on the 101 I had to stop at cold stone lovers in my belly
Vera Wang
VeraWangGang Vera Wang
by KrisJenner
Just hours to go @KimKardashian! Getting so excited, just wait until everyone sees ..... xxVera
Joe Lazar
MrJoeBanks Joe Lazar
Heading to the estate 4 my girl @KimKardashian's wedding! Congrats to the bride n groom. Gonna be a crazy night! Pics coming soon.
Eva Longoria
EvaLongoria Eva Longoria
So excited for @kimkardashian wedding tomorrow!
Sugar Ray Leonard
Congrats to @@KimKardashian & @KrisHumphries! I felt so young riding in the Maybach with you guys! We love you and are excited for today. :D
ciara Ciara
2Day is Princess Kimmies Day! Ow! So excited and happy for her! Will be a beautiful day indeed!
Melanie Brown
OfficialMelB Melanie Brown
getting my "hair did" for my friends big wedding today,can't wait,i no i'm gonna cry fro happiness for her,yippee!!
Serena Williams
serenawilliams Serena Williams
@KimKardashian it's official. Tomorrow my love. Can't wait. Love you. So happy for u. May forever begin... Tomorrow :)
maria menounos
mariamenounos maria menounos
My dress for kim k's wedding...leaving now-no cellphones allowed:)

Are you stalking the web for wedding information or perfectly content to wait for the E! wedding special in October?


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