Lady Gaga Announcement Is a Bummer (VIDEO)

lady gagaOK. Just in case some of you still haven't heard, Lady Gaga was scheduled to make a special announcement last night on MTV, and the Mother Monster came through and delivered the news. We've speculated for the last two days on what said announcement would be -- I guessed she was revealing her foray into reggae or that she was pregnant -- but now we can finally put all the rumors to rest. Wearing a gorgeous white dress and a tutu on her head, Gaga gave VJ Sway the news.

Well, actually, she had her little monsters make the announcement. And the whole thing was, how to say ... an enormous disappointment.


Gaga had her fans in Times Square unravel a banner that read, "GAGA TO OPEN VMAS!!"

So. That's it. She'll perform first on the August 28 Video Music Awards. That's the big announcement. That's what all the hype was for. First. Performer. Wow?

I could be the only one who's underwhelmed by this news, but I doubt it. When one hears Gaga + Amazing Announcement, one's mind does crazy things. It's what she's taught us to do -- think outside the box, expect the unexpected, prepare for a wild ride. A VMA opening is cool and all, but I would expect Selena Gomez to be excited about this kind of announcement, not Gaga.

It's kind of like, who else would open the VMAs? It makes sense that Gaga would, which is why the announcement just seems mundane and already a little bit like old news. No?

And on a sidebar: How annoying is Sway. His voice is terrible -- it's hard to hear but at the same time really grating. He's got the same tone of voice like the Long Island chick that sits next to you at a restaurant and has one too many well-vodka and sodas and starts jabbering on to her boyfriend about how her mom is being such a bitch. Sway is the worst VJ in the world.

Anyway, so there we have it. Gaga will be opening the VMAs and Sway is like a 20-something drunk girl from New York. Happy Friday.

WATCH Gaga and Sway reveal the news:

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What do you think of Gaga's "big" announcement?

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