‘Spy Kids 4D’ Aromascope Stinks So Good

spy kids 4d aromascopeAs someone who is way ready for the 3D movie craze to be over, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry when I heard Spy Kids 4D was happening. I mean, three is bad enough, right?

However, I was super lucky to be invited by OshKosh B'gosh to the Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D Aromascope premiere in Los Angeles, and my daughter and I tested it out for ourselves. People, you're not going to believe what #4 is on this scratch 'n' sniff card. Or does the look on my daughter's face say it all?


Farts. That's right, it's farts. Crossed with baby poop at times, but mostly farts. But hey, #1 was delicious, so there's that. See what else you might smell in the trailer:

Here's the fun thing about Aromascope: It's unbelievably entertaining for the kids. I may want to get lost in Jessica Alba's on-screen butt-kicking, but as soon as those numbers flashed on the screen, the kids were scrambling to enhance their movie-going experience by smelling it up. Even I could get into the multi-dimensional spirit after director (and dad) Robert Rodriguez stood up before us to explain why he went there. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World hits you where your kids are, and Rodriguez focuses on the family in the fourth installment of the kid series. Everyone involved is longing for more time with the people they love most, and the 4D concept also sprung out of what the director thought his own kids would love.

All right, I'm in. But I swear, if The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo comes out in 4D, I'm never going to the theater ever again.

Are you excited to try out 4D?

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