Russell Armstrong Gay Rumors Are None of Our Business

russell armstrongThe latest details to emerge in Russell Armstrong's suicide (or rumors? things are starting to sound weird) are disturbing, to say the least. It's currently being reported that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taylor's ex-husband hung himself because his secret gay sex life was about to be exposed in a tell-all book.

According to a source, "Not only was it going to come out that Russell was bisexual, but there were people on the record that were going to talk about the kind of sex he liked. He was into S&M-type stuff; choking, roughhousing, and slapping."

The source continued that Taylor caught Russell frequenting gay porn sites on their computer, and said that he was using the gym as an excuse while he was out sleeping with men.

Then Russell's sister, Laurie, came forward, telling tabloids that he had anger issues and once shot her.

Jesus, can't anyone leave this poor man alone?


I'm not going to bull shit you right now, and be all, "Oh, I was such a Russell fan when he was on the show." In fact, I'll admit it, I didn't like him at all. But for his own flesh and blood to come forward -- already -- to talk about how messed up he was is flat out-disgusting. What is the point of Laurie telling the media he shot her -- by accident -- when he was 6 years old? What does that have to do with anything? And why are you just waiting until now to tell this story when he's not here to defend himself?

And, truth be told, I wouldn't be shocked if Russell were gay. If that's the reason he committed suicide, this whole thing is even sadder than we thought. But why on earth would there be a tell-all book coming out on Russell Armstrong? I mean, he was sort of famous from RHOBH, but not famous enough to have a book written about him. His attorney makes a good point, saying, "I would have known if there was a book about Russell Armstrong, because he would have had me deal with it." Whoever started this rumor -- or truth? -- about his gay sex life is just as disgusting as his sister, because they're doing it for attention/money. Also, it's clearly something Russell wanted to keep private.

Then there's the fact that his family -- you know those people who can't stop saying bad things about him -- are suing Bravo for his death. According to his step-brother, Wade Jackson, at least. (His step-brother!) I mean, I certainly don't think being on The Real Housewives is good for anyone's self-esteem, but I don't think it is the catalyst for one's suicide. They said it themselves, Russell had problems. And he agreed to be on the show.

This whole thing is just getting out of control. Everyone needs to shut up and let Russell's real family -- Taylor and her daughter -- grieve in peace.

What do you think of all these people saying bad things about Russell?


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