Robert Pattinson Was Robbed of His Chance to Play Jeff Buckley

robert pattinsonGiven the fact that I find Robert Pattinson to be one of the most stunning human beings ever born, it's probably no surprise that I think he got robbed (ha! get it?) of his chance to play famous musician Jeff Buckley, not once, but twice. Penn Badgley got the part in the movie Greetings From Tim Buckley, and now Reeve Carney has been cast as the lead in an upcoming biopic of the late singer.

But I speak not just as a member of Team Edward on this topic. I'm a huge Jeff Buckley fan and have been for years, long before RPattz was tall enough for even his Cedric Diggory robes.

And so my argument for why Pattinson should be playing Buckley is a valid one. As I've clearly outlined below ...


Robert Pattinson looks way more like Jeff Buckley than Penn Badgley. I mean, puh-leeze. I will admit that Reeve Carney is essentially Buckley's doppelganger, like, to the point where it's downright eerie, but if you look hard enough, you can see that the shape of Pattinson's forehead is actually a closer match to Buckley's forehead.

Robert Pattinson can sing and play guitar!! If, by some huge oversight, you haven't seen or heard his live rendition of "I Was Broken," check it out immediately! And tell me his voice doesn't sound like Buckley's. Somebody told me that Reeve Carney has some musical experience, too -- something about Broadway -- but I didn't bother to check. Who cares?

Robert Pattinson has the most tortured soul of all three actors. It was always Jeff Buckley's deep, troubled gaze that really got me ... clearly RPattz, with his years of experience conveying vampire agony, is more suited to the job than Badgley or Carney.

So what have we learned today? Other than the fact that I missed my calling as a casting director?

Robert Pattinson should be the one playing Jeff Buckley.

Don't you agree?


Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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