Kristin Cavallari Will Be the ‘DWTS’ Superstar This Season

kristin cavallariSlowly but surely we're getting to know the cast of Dancing With the Stars Season 13. Not bad, not bad. Let's see ... so far we've got Rob Kardashian (thanks, Kris!), Christina Milian, Chynna Phillips, and Tiffani Amber Thiessen. All respectable competitors. I'll watch. But this latest addition? Heavens to Murgatroid, is it a good one!

According to Perez Hilton, reality star extraordinaire Kristin Cavallari is going to be joining the cast. Kristin Cavallari! Could there be a more appropriate "dancer"? Sister was born for this gig!


First, there's the fact that, well, she's already a seasoned reality show star. The past five or so years of her life have been in front of the camera while she's tooling around at her Hollywood pad for The Hills, or while she's werkin' it on the red carpet for every tabloid in the universe. The camera loves Kristin. And Kristin loves the camera. In fact, it would have been more appropriate if she were engaged to the camera instead of that dirtbag, Jay Cutler. Which brings me to my next point ...

It's a great way for her to deal with her broken heart. 'Member when Erin Andrews did it after that whole Peeping Tom debacle? She said she did it to have fun and move on with her life. And it worked! This is exactly the kind of thing Kristin needs right now to get over her ex-fiance. And nothing will kill him more than seeing her lookin' fine in a sparkly, skimpy leotard on national television. Which, totally not coincidentally, again, brings me to my next point ...

Kristin's a babe! Just between you and me, I always thought she was, like, way prettier than Lauren Conrad. She's sexy, she's a little edgy, she's going to look unbelievable in all those naughty costumes -- and you know she's got some rhythm. You don't like Kristin Cavallari without having a little rhythm.

All in all, A+ to the casting department of DWTS for this one. Kristin always makes for great TV, and I'm sure this will be no exception.

Do you think Kristin is a good choice for DWTS?

Image via nick step/Flickr

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