Lady Gaga’s Special Announcement Better Be Good

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So have you seen Lady Gaga's video for "You and I" yet? It's six minutes of totally wacky fun not limited to mermaid sex and dental torture devices. It's the kind of country video you'd expect Shania Twain would make if she were on LSD and hadn't slept in three months. (Video is after the jump in case you missed it.) Anyway, Gaga is in the news for not only her new video, but because she's about to make some sort of "amazing" announcement on MTV tomorrow night. Fellow little monsters, we must set our DVRs!


She's going on the network to apparently reveal something about her upcoming performance at the Video Music Awards airing on August 28. She'll be on MTV tomorrow starting at 7:49 p.m. EST to introduce the "You and I" video, talk up her VMA appearance, and answer some fan questions live. Fans can submit questions by going to or tweeting @MTVNEWS using the hashtag #MTVGAGA.

I wonder what Gaga is going to announce about her VMA act. I hope it's good! Let's see: She's already conquered the pop world with her music, she's dabbled in rock, now she's got a country song ... could the Gagster be revealing the next musical genre she's going into? If so, I really hope it's reggae. She could show up in a dress made of marijuana to the VMAs (what a fashion and political statement it would be -- wonder if she could be arrested for possession though) and answer every question on the red carpet by only saying "boom fiyah."

I don't want to be all "I'm so on the cutting edge," buuuuuuut I've thought for a while that Gaga should do a duet with Bob Marley, just how Natalie Cole did a duet with her dead father, Nat King Cole. If I could choose, they'd do "One Love." Call me crazy, but I think it'd be phenomenal.

Regardless of a hopeful duet with a dead dude, I'll be looking forward to Gaga's announcement on Thursday night. What is it?!

In the meantime, watch her video for "You and I" and get pumped for her VMA performance, whatever it might entail.

What do you think Gaga will announce and/or do at the VMAs?

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