Madonna Turns 53, Still Thinks She's 23

Happy 53rd birthday to Madonna, whose face doesn't look a day over $530,000! Everyone's favorite yoga hardbody rang in the big 5-3 over the weekend in the Hamptons, and celebrated with that wholesome, time-honored family birthday tradition cherished by so many families throughout history. No, not blowing out candles, silly—she played tongue-hockey with her 24-year-old boyfriend Brahim Zaibat while her two youngest children cavorted nearby!

Ah, what a precious Hallmark moment, captured forever by a lurking camera crew. How touching! How intimate! How ... okay, is it just me, or is Madonna getting downright creepy these days?


While she's kind of rocked the double standard for years (at least it seems like she usually gets a free pass from the scandal of hooking up with younger guys, like her previous boyfriend, 24-year-old Jesus Luz), it seems to me like her whole MUST DEFY THE NATURAL PROCESS OF AGING AT ALL COSTS thing is turning a little weird. Remember a couple years ago when she suddenly appeared to have received a face transplant, perhaps by skinning the flesh of a much-younger victim and staple-gunning the hide to her own skull, before inflating the entire thing with a bicycle pump?

And then there's her body, which ... look, I'm a fan of exercise and muscle and strength, and I'm wholly impressed with the inhuman work it must take for her to look the way she does, but MY GOD. I mean, I'm sorry, but this shit is downright scary.

On the one hand, I think she's sort of awesome for defying all the stereotypes, and blatantly making out with some French breakdancer who's 28 years younger than she is. On the other hand, well, yeeeeeeesh.

I'm just saying, maybe it's time Madonna took a note from someone like Helen Mirren, who not only manages to look absolutely stunning at every turn, she even pulled down a "Body of the Year" award recently, at 66 years old. Yet you'd never say that Helen Mirren is trying to be anything other than a gorgeous, 66-year-old woman.

At the very least, Madonna, maybe don't do the teen grope sesh in front of your 5-year-old kids. I've got a feeling Monsieur Chosen for His Personality won't be around long enough for them to be calling him Daddy.

Do you think Madonna should give it a rest with the young boyfriends, or is she entitled to whoever's legal?

Image via Splash News

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