Kate Gosselin Next Move Could Shock Us All

It seems that Kate Gosselin's claim to fame -- her family -- may be all she has left after this season of her show ends. Her show Kate Plus 8 has been cancelled due to bad ratings. But it may not be the last time the reality star does reality TV.

TLC has promised us more shows in the form of "specials," but the powers that be of reality TV have other ideas for the mom of eight who started as the married star of Jon and Kate Plus 8, then became Kate Plus 8 after a very messy, public divorce that spilled both Jon and Kate's dirty laundry all over the tabloids. 

As a single mom, Gosselin's show just didn't pull in the ratings, but her desire to be famous and remain in the spotlight has never wavered. She has done Dancing With the Stars, had plastic surgery, and aired all of her personal business publicly. So, where is there left for her to go? After the announcement, she tweeted:


can’t wait2have the chance2challenge myself again w future endeavors!… And maybe even some dating??!!

So who would she date? Producer Mike Fleiss of Bachelor fame was asked if he would consider Gosselin and he said: "Kate Gosselin? Sounds like a perfect fit for Bachelor Pad."

Personally, I would watch that show in a second. But I would feel really guilty. She seems to need to do many other things first. Here are some other ideas:

  • She could see what life is like without cameras: Hard, I realize. But the fact is, she has been sucked so deep into the fame vortex, it might be good for her to look around and see what else is out there in terms of life.
  • She could hang out with her kids: Presumably, she has made enough to relax a bit and really get to know her kids. No matter how "natural" you act, when there are cameras on, you aren't being real. She should probably try being a mom sans cameras.
  • She could meet a nice man: Any guy she meets on the show is probably a dolt. Without the show, she can meet someone who would like her for her. Isn't that worth something?
  • She can focus on her kids: These kids need counseling, attention, and normalcy. For their sake, I am so glad it's cancelled.

So, maybe the next reality show she should star in should be reality, as in: real. As in: her life. Maybe give that a try, see how it goes.

Good luck to Kate. Please don't do The Bachelor!

What do you think her next step should be?

Image via TLC

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