'Kate Plus 8' Recap: Kate Gosselin Tells All

kate gosselinFull disclosure: I was waaaay into Jon & Kate Plus 8 when it was new and sweet and the family was happy, or relatively so. Partly because as a mother of two, I was just plain fascinated to watch how a family four times the size of mine made it through the day. Partly, too, I must admit, because my kids are biracial (their dad is Korean) and they sort of resemble the Gosselin clan (aww, those babies on TV look like my babies!).

And say what you will about the woman, I was always incredibly impressed with Kate Gosselin. For the love of god, she had eight tiny children and they were all bathed and fed! Give a girl some credit!

I found myself drifting away from the Gosselins when Jon and Kate split up, simply because it was sad for me to watch the process. I'm a single mom myself, and hearing the kids say things like, "Daddy, I don't want you to leave anymore" just broke my heart ...


But tonight I sat down and watched Kate Plus 8, for the first time in a long time, and I realized something: I'm still incredibly impressed with Kate. Yes, I am. Something reminded me of why I liked Kate so much in the first place. Maybe it was how genuinely happy the kids seemed; probably it was the way she answered question after viewer question with her trademark tell-it-like-it-is candor.

Not only was she refreshingly honest, but she managed to defend herself and her actions without being defensive at all.

I loved her response to the question of where she'd be if her family never did the show:

"Probably struggling as a nurse, working many, many shifts a week, seeing my kids less than I do now," she said, adding that when she was pregnant and on bed rest, she couldn't stop thinking about how her family would never be able to afford simple things like going to the local amusement park.

Who can argue with that? Thanks to Kate, they can afford it now!

I also adored the way she explained her "changing style" over the years -- basically by pointing out that while the kids were babies and toddlers, it would have been nuts to wear anything besides t-shirts that were going to end up covered in "food, snot, and vomit." Then she made a point I whole-heartedly agree with -- that moms get a fashion "exemption" from the beginning of pregnancy until their kids are about 5. During those years, mothers get to be all "frumpily," she said. Then they can go back to being the person they were before, or start finally finding themselves.

Having reconnected as a viewer with Kate, I'm kind of bummed that the show is going to be cancelled after this season. But no matter what happens, I'm sure the Gosselins will be fine. Kate will work her ass off to make certain of that.

Are you a fan of Kate Gosselin?

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