Scotty McCreery Makes 'American Idol' Fans Proud on CMA Special (VIDEO)

scotty mccreeryThe CMA Music Festival was last night on ABC and even though huge country stars like Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, and Lady Antebellum sang their hit songs during the concert extravaganza, it was the American Idol alums who stole the show. Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and Kelly Clarkson gave performances that made the Idol community more than proud.

As a country music fan and an Idol fan, I was in hog heaven. I liked Scotty on season 10, but I didn't know how much staying power he had, or what the Idol producers would do with him since he's country through and through -- there's no crossing over with him -- but hog tie my legs and call me Bessie: Scotty's performance last night and his new music video prove he's here to stay.


OK so remember when Lauren and Scotty were in the finals and they were each given cloying singles to perform on the finale? Scotty's was "I Love You This Big" and Lauren's was "Like My Mother Does," and when they sang it on the Idol stage, I wasn't blown away. But now, now there's a video. Scotty made a music video. And believe it or not, it's good. Like, really good.

He still tilts his head to one side too much, and squints, and has this look in his eye that I think he got from copying other country artists because you can tell he hasn't really gone through any pain yet in life, that he hasn't experienced love, or heartbreak, or losing a house in a tornado. You know, stuff country singers are made of. Even though he's copied that troubled glance of his from other country crooners, I can't stay mad at him. His voice is too good.

A pop song can hide the singer's voice with all the fancy post-production effects, but a country song showcases the singer like no other genre. I guess Randy was right: Scotty is in it to win it. He's on a bigger stage now, competing with bona fide stars like Reba and Taylor, and he's still winning, still holding his own. I'm shocked! And proud.

Did anyone else not see this coming?

WATCH Scotty's new video. I dare you not to love it:


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