'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: An Ashley Intervention Is Pointless

real housewives of new jerseyFor the first time in what seems like all season, Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey wasn't all about Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. The focus of tonight's Jersey Delight? Ashley Holmes, the bratty and delusional daughter of Jacqueline Laurita

Now we all know that Ashley, lovely girl that she is, just can't get it through her 20-year-old head that she's incredibly spoiled, astoundingly lazy, and mind-boggling irresponsible (and a scosh self-absorbed). But tonight? Ho boy, did we reach new levels.


Before we really start gossiping about Ashely, though, I want to bring one thing up. Her biological father, Matt. He was in tonight's episode, and I've gotta say, he's kind of awesome. He's been mentioned so many times over various RHONJ seasons, but we never as much as saw a photo of him. Truth be told, because of his absence, I sort of assumed he was a low-life a-hole, a dead-beat dad. But he's nice, calm, responsible, and all around seems like a solid dude. And like Jacqueline and husband Chris, he's trying to get Ashley to shape up.

I'm not sure if it was the reason for his visit, but Matt, his wife (Ashley's step-mom), Jacqueline, and Chris held an intervention for Ashely. The purpose of said intervention? To find out what the eff she's doing with her life (since she's not in college and doesn't seem to have a job), and generally exorcise the indignant, bull-headed attitude out of her. The result was sheer horror.

It was all rather informal, but the four adults took turns talking to Ashely, saying their piece to her. When it was Jacqueline's turn -- you knew this was going to happen -- Ashley blew up at her and insulted her mother in one of the worst ways possible. Ashley defended her appalling behavior by saying, "At least I didn't have a kid when I was 20." This, of course, being in reference to Jacqueline giving birth to her at that age. And it also, of course, sent Jacqueline into tears. Classy, Ashely.

I just don't get this girl, man. And trust me, I've tried. When she first started getting camera time, I felt bad for her and would even stick up for her when friends and coworkers would wax poetic over what an enfant terrible she was. I thought that all she needed was some real, human love, as opposed to the fancy cars and clothes Chris Laurita bestows upon her. Although I've slowly been realizing it the more I witness her behavior, tonight's episode really solidified that she is actually surrounded with real, human love and compassion (hence, the intervention), and she's really just a giant, selfish brat. Who doesn't get their parents as much as a card for Christmas?! Unacceptable.

As much as I'd like to think she'll change, I know there's no way she will. Half because she just seems inherently obnoxious, half because we all know Jacqueline and Chris were full of it when they said they're "done with her" at the end of the episode.

What do you think of Ashley's behavior?


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