'True Blood' Recap: Who Got Shot Down at the Showdown?!

Eric and SookieWhoa! I don't know about you, but I was totally taken off-guard by the end of tonight's True Blood, Episode 44 "Spellbound." Which is kind of awesome, really -- I love that this series can still surprise me. I mean, don't get me wrong; there were a few things I kinda saw coming ... but even the stuff I was expecting to happen? Well, it happened slightly differently than I expected.

Confused? If you're not following me, that means you didn't see "Spellbound" yet, and THAT means you should really stop reading right here. Here you go, in big, bold letters: SPOILER ALERT. After the jump, all will be revealed! Just like last week, remember? (Damn, cliffhangers two weeks in a row!)

Do we understand each other? Okay, then ...


Can you believe Sookie got shot at the showdown in the graveyard?! Accidentally, by a human?? That's no way for a faerie to go out. Which is why I'm fairly certain Sookie will survive that stray bullet to the gut, but the question is: Whose blood will save her?!

Of course I want to say it'll be Eric's blood, because as all of you know, I HEART Eric really a lot. And they had that great scene earlier in the episode when Sookie and Eric fed on each other and then had that awesome acid trip sex scene in the snow (otherwise known as "let's all stare at Eric's naked ass some more!!!").

But moments after Sookie got shot, Eric was busy being stupefied (I know that's a Harry Potter reference, but magic is magic, no?) by that pesky Marnie/Antonia. Bill, meanwhile, was getting silvered. Still, I feel like he'll escape that predicament before Eric is out of Marnie's clutches ... so maybe Bill will be the one to bring Sookie back from near-death? And if so, will said feeding session somehow re-ignite the Bill/Sookie flame??

Oh, and it was really sweet of Alcide to run to Sookie's rescue like that, but we all know there's nothing a mere werewolf can do to save a human/faerie's life.

Anyway. Here's something else we all knew: That Jason would be the one to save Jessica from getting burned to a crisp and that they'd end up making out. I have to say, though, Hoyt's reaction to Jessica's "I'm moving out" speech came as a very pleasant shock. The man has balls after all!! Now I'm kinda sad to see Hoyt go.

Not that sad, though. (About as sad as I'll be when they finally get rid of Debbie. Enough with her and that trashy pack of werewolves, already!!)

What surprised you the most on this week's True Blood?


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