5 Celebrities With Dreadful Hair Extensions

paris hiltonHave you ever seen a celebrity having a bad hair day? No, right? It's always voluminous, thick waves, freakishly long locks, and tresses as shiny as the day is long. What gives?

Hair extensions, that's what. Oh, you thought the ladies of Hollywood were all just genetically blessed with heads that sprouted some of the most luxurious hair you've ever seen? Ha! Laughable! Like most things in Tinseltown, it's fake. And we're here to make you feel better about your own frizzy, thin, just-won't-grow mane by blowing up a few of our favorite celebrities' spots. Check out five ladies with hair pieces gone wrong. Unbeweavable.

Paris Hilton. Of course it's not a shock to anyone that the socialite wears hair extensions, but did you know that she wears them when her "hair" is short? And did you know that whoever did her hair for this occasion has a personal vendetta against her? This is dreadful!


reese witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon. Whaaa? America's sweetheart wears hair extensions, too? I thought everything Reese did was all natural, and innocent, and sprinkled with glitter and unicorn dust. Guess we found her dirty little secret.

britney spears

Britney Spears. Another one that's not exactly a shocker, being that she changes her hair more often than her underwear. This is a particularly egregious pic, though, so we thought we'd share. At least lay off the peroxide, Brit. Your hair's going to fall out!

sienna miller

Sienna Miller. Dang. She may as well just opted to wear a wig. You see how short her hair is underneath there? No sense damaging your 'do like that, Sienna. Though you can never do wrong in my book. I'll heart you and your boho style for life.

brooke burke

Brooke Burke. I've gotta say, I'm actually a little bit surprised by this one. Not because Brooke doesn't seem like the kind of gal who would wear extensions, because I actually thought her hair was real. I mean, she's had the same style forever. Anyway, whatever. Brooke looks good with her weave, and I love how she doesn't give an eff that she's being photographed while getting it put it in. Do you, Brooke.

What other celebrities have hair extensions?


Images via Splash

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