Brooke Hogan Latest Stunt Is Just Embarrassing

Just when you thought Hulk Hogan's family could not get any creepier or more desperate for attention, Brooke Hogan poses nude for a PETA-like campaign and proves that yes, indeed, they can.

The reality TV "star" took it all off and posed inside a dog cage as a part of Women In Cages, a PETA benefit exhibition in Miami, Florida. Then she brought her parents to see it. Hulk blocked out his daughter's body parts in a few photos circulating on the web, but what is most pathetic is how D-grade the wannabe actress/singer's career continues to be.

While other stars take it all off for the PETA campaign, "I'd rather go naked than wear fur," Hogan's was not official.

PETA said:


The photo shoot that Brooke Hogan participated in was not a PETA-sponsored event. However, we're grateful to Brooke for participating in the photo exhibition in Miami, for which the proceeds of the photos are going toward PETA's lifesaving programs.

Yeah, not even PETA wants that D-grade association. In her show, Hogan was always trying to capitalize on her father's name and ride the coattails of women who did the blond, big boobs, fake tan thing better. She has always been like the poor man's Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson, but now this latest is just downright embarrassing.

Will she ever give up the dream?

There has to come a point at which she is honest with herself. She seemed sweet enough on Hogan Knows Best, but that was six years ago. There does come a time where one has to ask themselves whether they are famous because people love them or because people laugh at them. Sadly, for her, it seems it is the latter.

Being mean to her is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel, but come on. There is a certain point at which one has to be clear with themselves and Brooke is still deluding herself if she thinks she is a "star."

Nope. Not at all. Just a train wreck.

Do you think this is embarrassing?



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