Amber Heard Is Right About Feminism & 'The Playboy Club' (VIDEO)

25-year-old actress Amber Heard has taken on legendary 60's era feminist Gloria Steinem with her latest comments defending her show, The Playboy Club, which is starting on NBC this fall. Steinem is encouraging people to boycott the show and says it is not accurate to what she knows about the club.

The problem is, Steinem has not even seen the show and until she complained, I did not even plan on watching it. Now you can bet I will. The show, which stars Heard, Eddie Cibrian and David Krumholtz is taking flak for degrading women, but Heard made some good points to Playboy when she talked about it.

Feminism has changed in recent years and the show is not nearly as racy as others currently showing. See for yourself:


As Heard said:

You don't watch a show for a word. You watch it for the characters, and that's what this show has. Our generation, it takes us by surprise when the Steinems of the world criticize us, I think because we are part of a generation of women who don't have to choose between combat boots and an apron. We can do it in heels.

She's right. The women of today do have more choices. We are able to be hot and empowered all at the same time and we have Gloria Steinem and others like her to thank for that, but that does not mean we should never adjust or change. We have evolved and the difference between The Playboy Club back then and the show today is self-awareness.

Sure, there will be some focus on body parts and sex, but no one will actually take that part seriously. We get that it is a period piece focused on one particularly silly part of it. Do people think Mad Men defines how families ought to behave today?

Steinem has made me want to watch the show more with her remarks and Heard is right. Times have changed. The show is more like an entertaining time capsule than a statement about current views of women.

Do you think The Playboy Club is sexist?


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