'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Feels Too Sorry for Herself

Farrah Abraham of MTV's Teen Mom fame has matured by leaps and bounds this past year on the show. She is taking care of her daughter, finishing up her Associate's Degree, and back in her mom's good graces. Even still, she isn't so mature that we should all be in awe of her.

Abraham told MomFinds that she is more mature than most teen moms, and one can only assume she means the other moms on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. According to Abraham:


I would say I’m more mature in a lot of ways than most young mothers I’m around. I feel that I have had a harder path in many ways because of the choices I made and my particular circumstances.

She has been through hell, there is no doubt about it. And she is absolutely worlds better than she was in Season 1. But she had a lot of room to grow. Certainly she isn't more mature than Maci or even some of the moms from Teen Mom 2 or 16 and Pregnant.

Kudos to her for maturing, but even she admits some of the moms have had it way worse under circumstances no one would wish upon even an enemy. Farrah still has growing to do, too. Part of maturity is knowing your own limitations, and I have yet to see her take responsibility for the disrespectful way she speaks to her mother.

And as far as hardship, there is no question Farrah has had a hard time. She lost the father of her child and also survived abuse at the hands of her mother. But she hasn't had it harder than Kailyn who was homeless or Amber who has basically no one who loves her.

Farrah has had as hard a time as any, but she has enormous help from her mom and dad. She has opportunity and money at her disposal, and she is taking full advantage of it all. She seems to realize it in some ways, but she is also feeling awfully sorry for herself.

It's a misguided emotion, really. She should be counting her blessings and thankful that the reason things have worked out so well for her is, in part, because she is mature and has matured since the show began, but also because she has had enormous amount of help, attention, and love.

Do you think Farrah is the most mature?


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